22 October, 2019

AWS Map – Migration Accelerator Program

MAP is the AWS Migration Acceleration Program for Cloud Migration tools and techniques, which has an associated partner network of specialist offering migration services.

Cloud Adoption Framework

The CAF – Cloud Adoption Framework defines an overall migration lifecycle, that can be populated through a consulting engagement. Aspects of this expertise include Planning a Business Case for Cloud Migration, with a supporting white paper.

Migration Hub

The Migration Hub provides a single location to track the progress of application migrations across multiple AWS and partner solutions.

AWS Migration Hub provides all application details in a central location. This allows you to track the status of all the moving parts across all migrations, making it easier to view overall migration progress and reducing the time spent determining current status and next steps.

AWS Migration Hub provides the flexibility to use the migration tools that work best for your organization. Whether you use AWS migration tools like AWS Server Migration Service, AWS Database Migration Service, CloudEndure Migration, or partner tools like ATADATA and RiverMeadow, Migration Hub makes it easy for you to track migrations from all of those tools in a central location.


CloudEndure Migration continually replicates your source machines into a staging area in your AWS account without causing downtime or impacting performance.

When you’re ready to launch the production machines, CloudEndure Migration automatically converts your machines from their source infrastructure into the AWS infrastructure so they can boot and run natively in AWS.

Implementation begins by installing the CloudEndure Agent on the selected source machines. The agent installation does not require a reboot nor does it impact system performance in any noticeable way.

The CloudEndure Agent connects to a self-service, web-based CloudEndure User Console, which then issues an API call to the selected AWS target Region to create a Staging Area in the customer’s account designated to receive the source machine’s replicated data.


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