22 October, 2019

Azure Cloud Migration Centre

Microsoft offers best practices for planning transition to their Cloud services through their Migration Centre, including a detailed white paper, as well as a number of customizations to support the migration.

Services like Azure Site Recovery and Database Migration Service are available to migrate your workloads to Azure.

The Migration Center offers a TCO calculator, and Yusuf Rangwala offers a checklist. Savient Consulting writes in their blog about 10 Azure Migration Challenges and Ways to overcome them, and AIS describes ‘lift and shift process‘.

As you get down into the specific technical details such as database migration Joseph Sack offers this blog to explore.

IaaS or PaaS

Determining whether to migrate to IaaS (“lift and shift”) or PaaS highlights the value of the first Digital Transformation planning process, to identify whether the benefits sought are purely related to the replacement of server hardware, or if transformation of software development and business process are also key goals.

@ShahedC offers this best practices presentation to consider the options.

Business as a Platform

Microsoft explores the dynamics that can be considered when determining whether IaaS, PaaS or SaaS is the right option for your Cloud Migration project, through detailing a number of their own migration case studies.

Microsoft offer themselves as a case study as well as a source of best practices. Their article Migrating Legacy Microsoft Applications to Azure ‘Business as a Platform’ describes their own enterprise-wide initiative to encourage all of their departments to shift away from legacy IT to their own Azure Cloud.

Partner Services

Device42 offers an Azure migration tool that features a complete, automatically generated repository of your application, service, and device relationships and dependencies that help you optimize migrations to the Microsoft Azure cloud.


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